Do you offer financing or payment plans?


We require a 50% deposit to reserve your place on our job board, and the balance is due upon completion of the project.  

If you are in the planning stages of your project and need help with financing, see if you qualify for a zero interest credit card. Go to a trusted website and find a card that fits your needs. If you have good credit, you can usually find cards with 0% interest for a year or more. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Can I use a coupon on a job that is already in progress or completed?

No. All coupons need to be presented at the time you place your order. Coupons cannot be applied to previous purchases, and we do not give cash back for coupons. Please see the restrictions listed on the coupon.

What is your lead time? Can you rush my job?

We are privileged to have a great following of wonderful customers, and we are proud to be in high demand. 

Our average lead time during the summer is approximately 10-12 weeks. At any given time, we can have up to 70 jobs on our boards. Your place in our line is determined by the date you sign your contract and make your deposit. Jobs are made and installed in chronological order.

We encourage you to not let a long lead time scare you off, though. Our products are worth the wait! Many people wait for months or years to start on a project but get discouraged at the thought of waiting a few more weeks. It simply doesn't make sense to go with an inferior product just because you can get it quicker. 

Rush jobs will only be taken at our discretion depending on our schedule, and there is a fee for rush jobs.

I lost my keys! Can you change my locks?

The best option is to call a trusted lock smith. A good locksmith will be able to re-key your existing security door lock (and any other locks you need re-keyed) and provide as many new keys as you need. 

We recommend Keith with Son of Affordable Locksmith Service. (719) 242-3402

He has serviced our doors for many years and is familiar with our lock system. 

If you are unsure of the best course of action, call us (719-542-3641) and let us know the situation. We will steer you in the best direction. 

Can I leave my key in the door?

Please don't!

Although it can provide some convenience, your door is not a security door if you leave your key in the lock where it could be easily accessed by the wrong person. 

We recommend getting in a good habit of keeping your deadbolt locked and always having your key ring in a safe and easily accessible (to you) location. In addition to knowing where your personal key ring is at all times, we highly recommend designating a secure place to store an emergency spare key. Make sure everyone living in your house knows where it is.

Aztec Door Rekey FAQ

What does rekey mean?

We rekey the factory-keyed lock in your new Aztec door to match your existing house key.

What kinds of keys can you use?

We can only use Kwikset keys.

What if my key is another brand?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to match your key. Your door will come with a factory-keyed lock and two factory keys.

How many keys do I get back?

One. We use your provided key, and you get the same exact key back. We do not make any copies.

How do I get copies?

Visit Racine’s, Ashley Hardware or use the automated minuteKEY kiosk at Lowes.

What is the process?

You must provide a key at least one day prior to your installation appointment.

You have two options:

  1. If you have a spare, you can give it to your salesperson at the time you place your order. It will be kept in a safe until your job is ready to install. Your key will arrive with your door.

  2. We will call you when your door is finished, and you will need to schedule an appointment to bring in your key to our office. It usually takes about 20 minutes per door, and you are welcome to wait while we key the locks.

What if I want to rekey my Aztec door after it has been installed?

The most cost-effective option would be to call a locksmith. We ONLY recommend Keith Burton of Son of Affordable Locksmith Service. (719) 242-3402

What kind of warranty do your products have?

If you are having issues with a product feel free to call us. We will be happy to assist you.

Door Warranty

Our doors come with a one year warranty from the date of installation. 

The warranty covers:

  • All components and workmanship, except the screen and glass.

  • Rust and paint defects- as long as they are not the result of abuse, misuse, negligence or modifications after installation.

  • The frame and pickets have a limited lifetime warranty under normal conditions.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Damage to any part of the door resulting from failure to maintain the product, abuse, misuse, negligence, break-ins or attempted break-ins or foundation settling.

Window well covers, Gates, Window Guards and Railings

All of our steel and ornamental iron products have a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

The warranty covers:

  • Rust and paint defects- as long as they are not the result of abuse, misuse, negligence or modifications after installation.

  • The welds and steel material have a lifetime warranty under normal conditions as long as the product is properly maintained.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Damage to any part of the product resulting from failure to maintain the product, abuse, misuse, negligence, extreme weather, break-ins or attempted break-ins or foundation settling.

Are your doors maintenance-free?

Our doors are made to last a lifetime, but they are by no means maintenance-free. In order to keep them in good working condition, some routine maintenance must be done. Additionally, some components will simply wear out over time and need to be replaced. Since we are a local company and we make the doors in-house, those kinds of repairs don't need to turn into a headache for you. We are your one-stop shop for everything involving your Aztec door.

Door Maintenance

Hinges should be oiled at least once per year. Use a penetrating oil and make sure to lubricate all three hinges well. This will prevent the bushings from wearing out prematurely. A good spray lubricant makes this job very quick and easy. Simply spray each bushing on all three hinges. Open and close your door several times to help it work its way into the hinge, and wipe up an excess with a clean rag. We do not recommend graphite.

Keep the finish of your door in good shape by wiping it down it with a soft, damp cloth when it gets dirty. This will help prevent scratches on the finish. Do not use harsh cleaners, power washers, or any kind of abrasive objects. If a damp cloth is not sufficient, use a car shampoo or other cleaner that is safe for painted surfaces.

Touch up paint is usually provided at the time of installation. Keep it in a safe spot and touch up chips as they happen to keep the finish in top condition.

If your door is in full sun for much of the day, a product like Armor All or another automotive grade wax can go a long way in protecting the finish and extending the life of the paint. 

Keep water off your door to the extent possible. For example, do not allow your sprinklers to soak your door.

Be mindful to not let hard or sharp objects make impact with your door. Keys are usually the suspect for most chips and scratches. Try to not let them hit the door as you lock and unlock it.

The closer on your door can be affected by changes in temperature as well as a change in pressure in your house, for instance, having the air conditioning running. The closer can easily be adjusted if you find that your door is closing fast or slow. It is not uncommon to have to adjust it a couple time throughout the year. All you need is a screw driver. There is a screw on the end of the cylinder that controls the rate at which the air is released. Adjust the screw a little at a time, and test it as you go until you have it at the desired setting.